Financial Education

Budget. Checking account. Credit. Compounding. Saving. Interest

Did you know that…

  • Many people do not understand these basic financial terms
  • One in four workers is suffering serious financial distress
  • People without bank accounts find it extremely difficult to get credit, receive federal payments, own property
  • Many do not know why a credit rating is important
  • Too many people are paying 100 percent interest on their money just to cash a check

Be part of the solution! You can help yourself, and help others!

Indy’s Campaign for Financial Fitness (ICFF) is dedicated to bringing financial education programs to Indianapolis residents by:

1) Identifying organizations in need of workshops and providing training and speakers to those groups.
2) Promoting/communicating existing financial education training organized by ICFF partners.

We believe financial education fosters financial stability for individuals, families and entire communities. ICFF works in conjunction with Community Centers, Financial Institution partners, nonprofit organizations and other community partners to promote financial education programs throughout the city.

View a list of upcoming Financial Education Events on Our Calendar. Request a Financial Education Workshop. Volunteers are needed to help us with our
Financial Education Workshops.
If you’re interested, please click here.